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Properties in Uva Province 

Uva is bordered by Eastern, Southern and Central Provinces and consists of two districts: Badulla and Monaragala. Which is also a major tourist attraction and a popular destination among the adventurous crowd of Sri lanka as well as foreigners, as the Uva’s symbolic mountain is Namunukula which stands tallest of the mountain range that surrounds the Badulla town, Dunhinda falls, Diyaluma Falls, Rawana Falls and one of the main National Parks (Yala National Park ) is situated. Furthermore the Mahaweli and Menik rivers and Senanayake and Maduru Oya reservoirs are the major waterways. The area has a cooler surrounding and a rich biodiversity with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The WaterFalls in this province has helped many of the locals to earn an income by being tourist guides to the expats as Dunhida and Diyaluma are famous camping sites. Bandarawela is another famous city situated in the Uva province, and has a mild climatic condition throughout the year. This city is popular among the masses for holidaying.During the British rule, the city underwent rapid development especially the infrastructures and human resources due to tea plantations and migration of the British and local people to the area. In the present the majority of women earn a livelihood by working at tea plantations as tea pluckers. Welimada is another popular town in the Badulla District. Welimada district is well known for potatoes and vegetables, there's a great demand for the potatoes grown in welimada and the Welimada potatoes because of the high quality. The places of interest are Div urumwela Old Temple, Sthripura Caves, and Bomburu Ella. The Sthripura Cave consists of a series of three caves which are known to have been used by the King Rawana of Sri Lanka to hide the abducted princess Seetha.

Properties for Sale in Sri Lanka 

The Real Estate Industry has evolved in Sri Lanka. The industry has improved and is growing year on year. If you are looking to invest in real estate in Sri Lanka, your options are countless. The country has been through many struggles historically and overcome the many challenges and barriers it faced. Real estate is also a great catalyst in driving the economy of a country, the development of real estate forces a direct impact in all business sectors across all industries and the country is bracing for economic growth thanks to this boost in real estate. 

Buying property is never a bad choice and the appreciating value of property will always give you the added advantage of making more money. Properties can be divided into 3 categories predominantly, namely A grade, B grade and C grade properties. The style, modern concept, age and structure of the property along with the condition of the property determine whether the property is an A, B or C grade property. Apartments and houses have always been at the forefront in terms of the most preferred property purchase and you will naturally find many houses and apartments listed on this website. When purchases properties through a bank loan, potential buyers are often advised to start their search with a pre-approved mortgage, the reason for doing so is that it would establish clearly what kind of property they can buy given the limitation of their budget, it has to be noted that property buyers often find themselves in tricky situations due to the inadequate knowledge of approaching the sale of a property in the correct manner. 

At Mister T, we offer transaction advisory services to property buyers and guide them through the myriad of challenges, our team of experienced professionals have visited and inspected thousands of properties across the island and the knowledge and experience we bring to the table is unmatched. Write to info@mistert.lk if you are a new property buyer and want to sign up with us, we promise to represent you and look after your best interests and we will negotiate hard for you in order to win you the best deal possible. To read more about the real estate market please visit our blog by clicking here blog.mistert.lk