No. 05 Aloe Ave,
Colombo 03,Western Province,00300Sri Lanka
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Are you seeking for a property? We at, Mister T, can help you to buy or rent a property that fits your needs and meets your requirements. If you are looking to sell or rent your property, we will make every effort to craft the best deal for you. Our expertise in the market is unmatched.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous technological shift that created a massive transformation in buying and selling of properties and we have embraced these technologies in order to bring you the best service available.

We have a large network of partners and agents that we liaise with and we provide real estate advisory services to home sellers and buyers from preparing the homes which are new to the market and advising home buyers what to look for when searching for their dream home.

Meanwhile, when working with the buyers, we explain the entire documentation process involved in a transaction. Coordinating inspections, reports and repairs, negotiations, assisting buyers through to closing and taking possession of the property are all services we provide. We are Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Real Estate Agency!