No. 05 Aloe Ave,
Colombo 03,Western Province,00300Sri Lanka
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About Us

Mister T is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Sri Lanka with a colossal clientele. With more than sixty four thousand followers on Facebook and a client base which encompasses many of Sri Lanka’s richest individuals, it is certainly thriving in the market as an impact player when it comes to cracking deals. The key areas that Mister T focuses on are building trust and providing unexpected levels of professionalism using both technology and innovation in order to cater to as any clients as possible. In this day and age, where technology is dominating the world, Mister T has come forward to provide opportunities to all those who are looking for various properties either to buy or rent, be it permanent or temporary and one of the most fascinating aspect of their service is the practical knowledge that they possess when it comes to advising the client on the much needed issues, problems and challenges that are faced by many of the clients in terms of any property related matter. At Mister T, it’s of utmost importance to be honest, transparent and trustworthy in order to do the real estate broker’s business in this part of the world especially when the number of amateurs is more than the number of professionals.

The history of Mister T is quite inspiring although the company underwent formal registration a couple of years ago and is currently run by its directors, it must be said that this family business was in existence since the 1980’s when there were only two ways of attracting clients in this trade, one being predominantly through adverts on the newspapers and the other by word of mouth. Today, the company has grown to such an extent that it has also expanded into other businesses such as corporate training, event solutions and corporate branding and not only is it venturing into other sectors but is also on the lookout for various other business opportunities in order to make its mark in the business world. ‘When we thought of expanding and going big, the main goal was to professionalize this brokering business and I am happy to state that by taking the approach we have taken and having come a long way since the business was run by my parents, we have to a great degree succeeded in bringing this business to a stage where people respect it and consider it more like a profession as opposed to a job anyone could do.’ Shared one of the directors of the company.