No. 05 Aloe Ave,
Colombo 03,Western Province,00300Sri Lanka
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legal Services

Lease Agreement

We have an experienced legal officer who has been in the property market for more than 3 decades and knows how to provide a better service.

Execution of Transfer Deeds

We are also nicely positioned to do the execution of transfer deeds if you wish to buy a property and have no lawyer to check. Our company could be of invaluable service to you especially with our hands on involvement. We bring the lawyer to your property.

Whenever and wherever feasible, we make effort to bring the legal team with us to your property in order to avoid the hassle of walking into a lawyer's office as it can be quite a challenge in terms of the size of the office, parking issues etc. Mister T is Sri Lanka's 1st Real Estate Agency that introduced this service and it has been well commended and appreciated by all our clients.