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Property Consultancy

We have experts in our company who know the game and how it is played. Here is a list of what we offer to you as your property consultant, though this is not exhaustive as we try to accommodate any request if we can to make it easier for you.

  • List your property for rent with well worded description and professional photos
  • Advertise the property for rent using our for rent sign, the internet and other marketing
  • Demonstrate the property to prospective tenants with open homes
  • Prepare the Ingoing Property Condition Report including full video and photos
  • Prepare the tenancy documentation in compliance with legislation
  • Sign up the tenancy documentation and collect the initial monies
  • Collect the rents and any other monies payable by the tenants
  • Tribunal representation on behalf of the landlord
  • Carry out periodic tenancy inspections
  • Review rent levels
  • Arrange repairs and maintenance
  • Pay property outgoings like insurance, water rates, rates and land tax
  • Prepare and lodge insurance claims if necessary
  • Conduct outgoing Property Condition Report
  • Account to the landlord with monthly and yearly financial reports
  • Communicate with landlords and tenants on property related issues
  • Negotiate with tenants and resolve conflict
  • Mitigate risk to the owners with advice as required

You can also book a session to learn about the apartments that are in town and where to invest and share your plan with our experts in order to make the best call and thereby profit.

As you can see our property consultants require a wide variety of skills, knowledge, negotiation experience and personal qualities to operate in this demanding industry. Our company is focused on providing you exceptional personalized service and we’re here to work for you.