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Commercial Property for Sale in Hikkaduwa | MisterT.lk (CPFS0040)

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Commercial Property for Sale in Hikkaduwa (CPFS0040)

1 Hikkaduwa
Rs. 25,000,000 Negotiable
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Property Type: Commercial
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms/WCs: 1
Floor area: 118863
No. of floors: 0
Area of land: 47
Built In: 2017
Availability: Available Now
Nearest bus stop: 200m
Nearest train station: 3km
Agent's Ref: CPFS0040

Property Details

A beautiful resort built in a 47 perche plot of land.

Property Features :

- Hotel
- 3 Separate Bungalows
- Walking distance to the beach
- Ample Parking Space

There is a lot of free space for placing a pool, a restaurant, can build an additional three-storey building.
Equip, improve and develop at your discretion.

The special shape of the bungalow - built in the shape of an octahedron, creates a natural cool inside, each house has its own bathroom, shower, hot water, partly tiles, kitchen, terrace.

Land Features :

- A garden full of coconuts, bananas, papaya, mango, avocado & jackfruit
- Water Well

The space is quiet, picturesque, with many different birds, and handsome peacocks also like to fly to visit.

- Electricity is supplied under a contract with an electric company.
- The property is protected by a fence and a gate.

Price - LKR 25 Million

Legal Fees and stamp duty fee may apply.

Please get in touch with Mister T on 011 454 5334 or write to us at marketing@mistert.lk for further details.

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Property Features

Hot Water
Home Security
Private Gardent
Main Line Water
En Suite Rooms
Three Phase Electricty
Indoor Garden
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