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Colombo 03,Western Province,00300Sri Lanka
House for Sale in Kandana | MisterT.lk (HFS1220)

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House for Sale in Kandana (HFS1220)

3 Kandana
Rs. 42,000,000 Negotiable
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Property Type: House
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms/WCs: 2
Floor area: 1640
No. of floors: 1
Area of land: 10
Built In: 2019
Availability: Available Now
Nearest bus stop: 200m
Nearest train station: 700m
Agent's Ref: HFS1220

Property Details

New Modern Luxury Single-story house situated in a highly residential area for sale in Kandana

- 10 Perch Land
- 1640 Sq.Ft
- Single Storied
- Semi - Furnished

- 3 Bedrooms
- 2 Bathrooms
- Spacious Living and Dining area and TV lobby with modern furniture from
- Kitchen with Modern Fittings
- Boundary wall and gate
- 1 Servant's bathroom
- Landscaped front and back gardens
- 6 CCTV night vision color cameras and burglar alarm system covering the
entire surrounding
- 3-Phase Electricity
- Zero electricity bill - 8kw solar panels - on grid - net accounting for the next
20 years
- 3000L water storage (one 2000L outdoor sump and two 500L indoor water
tanks) with pressure pump
- Electric sliding gate
- Separate utility and storage area
- 5 LG 18000 BTU Air Conditioners (1 in each room and 2 in the living and
dining area)
- LG 65\u201d UHD 4K TV
- SLT Fiber, Peo TV, and landline connection
- Garage with parking for 2 vehicles

Close Proximities : 600m to Negombo Rd, 700m to Kandana Railway Station,
900m to Cargills Food City, 1km to Km to
HNB,NSB,BOC,NDB, Commercial Bank, Sampath Bank,
Seylan Bank and People's Bank, Highway entrance Ja-ela,
Kandana De Mazenod College

Price - LKR 42 Million

Legal Fees and stamp duty fee may apply.

Please get in touch with Mister T on 076 325 7736 or write to us at marketing@mistert.lk for further details.

Mister T - Sri Lanka's No. 1 Real Estate Agency - www.mistert.lk

Committed to serve with honesty & integrity!

Property Features

Fully Furnished
Ac Rooms
Hot Water
Home Security
Main Line Water
Servants Toilet
En Suite Rooms
Three Phase Electricty
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